Fuel, water, gas… with THIELMANN tank containers, everything reaches its destination

Provisioning for defence campaigns and military industry operations in any part of the world is very much a reality thanks to our special tanks for holding all kinds of liquid, gas and even fuel. We have over 20 years’ experience supplying highly specific tank containers (ISO Tank Containers) capable of transporting from 5,000 to 50,000 litres.

At THIELMANN we also offer you our innovative “Drop&Go” delivery system for fuel, water and other liquids, allowing supply points to be set up in any location, on any terrain, and at any latitude of the world, including convoy missions and operations in exposed areas. Our water units also offer the advantage of being capable of supplying drinking water from any source, including CBRN protection.

Meanwhile, our patented double-shell system allows installations to be deployed in advanced positions at vastly reduced costs, because there is no need to prepare the terrain or empty the gas when withdrawing. Currently over half of THIELMANN units manufactured with the WEW system are fully integrated solutions, with pumping, filtration and preservation systems.

  • Extreme protection against external agents, UV light and external contamination
  • Maximum resistance against oxidation and the entry of impurities
  • High capacity: from 2,000 litres/525 US gallons to 45,000 litres/11,750 US gallons
  • Designs compatible with all military load-handling systems, including hook-arm and the civilian supply chain
  • Modular solutions which can be adapted to a wide range of vehicles: from small patrol vehicles to 10x10s
  • Ballistic protection for fuel and water supply modules
  • Easily transported by land, rail, sea and air

THIELMANN has supplied over 2,000 fuel and water containers for defence campaigns and military industry operations around the world.

100% efficient stainless steel tanks and containers for use in defence campaigns and military industry operations.

Discover the most robust containers which meet the needs of the military industry. Discover THIELMANN.

    Industry applications

    • Water logistics
    • Fuel logistics

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